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GCAM Collection

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  GCAM - The Gulf Coast Archive and Museum

               of Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender History, Inc


GCAM was created in 1999 to collect, preserve and provide access to historical items from the GLBT community in the gulf coast area of Texas. GCAM currently has a large exhibit at the GLBT Cultural Center in the Montrose Counseling Center Building at 401 Branard, Houston, Texas 77006. There is also a display case containing GCAM artifacts at EJ's on Ralph Street in Houston. A large portion of GCAM's collection is temporarily housed in climate controled storage units.





This original artwork (8' x 4') once hung                                            Custodian of the Miss Camp America Crown.      

 in the Exile and The Venture In in Houston, Tx.                               Pictured above (left to right), Judy Reeves - Curator

GCAM currently has it on display at                                                Craig Farrell - Current Chairman of the Executive Board

The Brazos River Bottom (brbhouston.com)                                      Mark Baladez - Current Ambassador for GCAM

under the watchful eye of The Colt 45's.(www.colt45s.org)


  HOUSTON PRIDE PARADE 2009                         



Above photos taken by Glen Vigus at Pride Parade Houston 2009



Executive Officers of GCAM

Curator, Ex-Officio and Chair Emeritus - Judy Reeves

Chair - Craig Farrell 








What started all of this:





July 17, 1999

13 people from the community came together in the meeting room of the Montrose Library….to make it a reality: Brandon Wolf (who owned Han-net and set up the meeting), Rick Hurt, Bruce Reeves, Ray Hill, Jim Carper, Judy Reeves (all long time community activists), Stan (last name withheld),Teresa Mauney (entertainer), Frank Parsley (photographer), Ralph Lasher and Dan Medina (from MCCR which houses the Charles Botts Library collection), Pat Turner and Ella Tyler (freelance writer). To guide those history makers was Dr. James Sears of One Institute, invited by Brandon.





September 30, 1999

Articles of Incorporation were discussed, voted and adopted.   It was agreed that Bruce Reeves would pay the $25 filing fee at the appropriate time.  This will later be considered as a portion of his dues paid.   

Policies and Procedures had two additions submitted. The document

was discussed, voted on and adopted with changes and additions.


October 7, 1999 – our first official general meeting

Committee moved that by-laws be adopted as modified, approved unanimously. Committee moved that the Policies and Procedures be adopted as modified, unanimously, adopted.


Committee moved for approval of Articles of Incorporation, approved unanimously. The floor was opened for self-nomination.  The following self-nomination: Accepted by acclamation.

Bruce Reeves for Chair                  Ray Hill for Vice Chair

Judy Reeves for Secretary             Jim Carper for Treasurer

Jim asked if we needed to adopt the logo. It was agreed we should.

Adopted unanimously was the previously seen logo designed by Paul Pruitt earlier this year.


November 1, 1999


Bruce spoke at GLBT Chamber of Commerce meeting and was a guest on KPFT’s

After Hours program about GCAM


January 16th. 2000


First fundraiser for GCAM held by Bill O’Rourke (aka Fancy Pace- Lawrence) at Briar Patch to raise funds for our 501c3 status filing.


January 26th, 2000


Filed for 501c3 status





Jan 29th 

 attended Leading & Learning Funding Seminar by invitation of and 100% underwritten by John Kellett, President and Executive Director of the John Steven Kellett Foundation

February 2nd

Richard Bielec and Brandon Wolf received notification of a $500 JPMorgan Chase Bank Grant (they had submitted the application for GCAM)


GCAM becomes the first organization to ever be advertised on the front windows at Mary’s…Naturally, hard work by Paul Pruitt who painted our logo on the window opposite Mary’s logo

April 8th

Rosy Cheeks Invites You to support the preservation of

our community's history by attending a "CAMPY" fundraising event

at Mary's….Naturally

April 9th

"The BRB Makes History!" Hosted by Mr. BRB 2000 Sean Carter…with a 'cameo' appearance on both nights and it was our own vice-chair, Mr. RainbodeKlown/Rick Hurt


Our first exhibit at 2507 Capitol Street, which was our first official Pride Event, spanned approximately 3 “Decades of Pride”.  We had items on display for every year starting in 1970 as well as several items from 1950.  We also participated as a walking entry in the Pride Parade 2000. There were several speakers at the opening preview evening. Sue Schechter, Harris County Democrat chief chairwoman, and her husband; Phyllis Frye Attorney and GCAM Board of Governors member, and Ray Hill all briefly addressed the crowd. We received a Proclamation from the Mayor, which was presented by City Council member Annise Parker who is also on the GCAM Board of Governors.

September 29th

Bruce Reeves, David Peavy, and Brandon Wolf attended a HATCH meeting. David and I talked about the BSA issue, and Bruce showed a video tape sent from Steven Cozza, who heads up Scouting for All.

October 1st 

 Briar Patch, RSICSS/Fancy Pace-Lawrence (Bill O’Rourke) Irish Eyes and you can bet that they will be smiling. And one of Fancy's patented "Hilarious But Worth It Raffles."


participated in EMPOWER by having a 6-wall ‘mini-museum’ exhibit which was an extension of the “Scouts, Sports and the Military” exhibit showing at that time.

October 19th 

Brandon Wolf moved monthly donation from United Way to GCAM—with matching funds from employer Chase Bank

November 1st

Decades. LIVE 2000 (all live singers). Produced by Don Gill Productions and Bob Bouton. At this event  we were presented the Proclamation for the city of Houston and the leather vest with all the honorary membership patches of Marvin Davis AKA Lady Victoria Lust preserved in a hand made air/moisture proof wooden/glass show case materials donated/built by Richard Watson & Krewe of Olympus-Texas.

November. 9th 

guest speakers at GLOBAL's Gay Awareness Week in the Baltic Room of the UC Underground.

November 11,

Veteran’s Day, we opened our second exhibit. “Scouts, Sports and the Military.”  Among the items was a military intelligence uniform, which was displayed beside the feather and sequined, dress worn by the same individual. We also displayed a rare GAY Olympics poster—most of which were confiscated on the first morning they were put on sale during the first gay olympics, now called the Gay Games.




January 15th 

 Bill O’Rourke 50th Birthday party & fundraiser at the rehearsal hall of the children's theater Bill and Tek's Excellent Theater. Collection jars for the theater and GCAM will be set out.

March 10th

Volunteers packed/loaded complete set of Houston Voice newspapers and transported to GCAM

April 1st

“Rosy’s April Fools” at Mary’s..Naturally

April 7th 

Mr. Prime Choice contest at the Ripcord, including Colt 45’s and Stone Soup. Don Gill made a presentation to GCAM--Cal Moran's Mr. Prime Choice vest

April 29th

official closing of the Gulf  Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History, Inc. at the original location, 2507 Capitol Street, Houston, Tx 77003.

May 25th 

 procured complete set of TWT’s for GCAM

June 14th

official reopening of the Gulf  Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History, Inc.  We participated in Pride, Hosting an event in our new location at 1609 W Main #4 we presented our third exhibit: “ON STAGE – Past to Present” an exhibit of 13 full costumes worn on stage for various entertainers and/or organizations in our community. We had a preview showing on June 13th at which Dalia, female Pride Grand Marshal, attended as a special guest.

In conjunction with this exhibit, we began taking in materials for a Time Capsule (which we scheduled to be sealed at EMPOWER 2001). At our preview Janine Brunjes the Mayor’s Liaison presented a special item from the Mayor for the Time Capsule.

August 21st

Oral History—Lynn Herrick in the1970s-80s sand her then partner owned "A Place in the Sun" which was a bookstore and later a shelter located on Fairview then on Fargo in the Montrose GCAM is bringing Lynn to Houston for this. Hotel, travel, some meals being underwritten.

June 30th

through the end of July, the museum will be open Saturdays from noon to 6 and Thursdays from 6 to 9 Other times by appointment.

August 26th 

 Rich's, Don Gill Productions & Bob Bouton LIVE 2001 in conjunction with Don’s birthday (8/25/51) surprise from GCAM

September 14th

JPMorgan Chase P.R.I.D.E. Team Meeting/Social Event with meeting & dinner on patio, guided museum tours


We then participated in EMPOWER 2001 with another 6-wall ‘mini- museum’ exhibit displaying copies of all the items we had collected for the Time Capsule project which we closed at the end of the day.

{*Note: the week end prior to the  Pride Event opening was the Allison storm in Houston which caused so much flooding in the area. Our location was flooded, floating the newly laid floor but hurting none of our items, and causing us to open our exhibit on bare concrete. We found this amusing as the warehouse where our other exhibits had been shown also had only a concrete floor. Unfortunately the archives was not that lucky as the original warehouse took on 8 inches of water and we lost many boxes of various publications. Many people came to the rescue but picking up soggy boxes and carrying them home to spread out the papers for drying. In the end, we lost no part of our history with the exception of one photograph. The papers which were lost we had duplicates of which were safely out of harms way.]

December 9th

open small satellite exhibit at community center



March 19th:

Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History, Inc. and Houston Lesbian and Gay Community Center in a collaborative effort to Educate, Communicate and Facilitate Understanding not only within our community but also within the boundaries of the world...announces a "GCAM satellite" exhibit at 803 Hawthorne (at Stanford), Houston, Texas. A special thanks to Tim Brookover for all his time and brainstorming efforts in this project.

June 25th

participated at Hewlett-Packard Company/Compaq Computer Corp with a wall exhibit in their first Pride participation for employees.


GCAM had a lobby exhibit at Theatre Suburbia for the 5 week run of gay themed play Comfort & Joy.

June 26

The play noted above included a special benefit performance of the play for GCAM and the Pride Committee. GCAM dedicated the play to the memory of Carolyn Roberts. Silent auction by GCAM  In addition, made a (postumous) Time Traveler Award presentation to Jeff for her at the end of the evening.

August 18 

Don Gill Productions & Bob Bouton LIVE  2002 at Keys West. 4- inductees into GCAM--Carloyn Roberts, Miss Camp America,  Sourigene Aburgine and Mr. Bob Bouton

November 10th 

Ripcord MR. PRIME CHOICE Benefit in memory of Mr Prime Choice 2001-2002 Creath Robinson, benefiting GCAM & Colt 45's by Don Gill Productions & Robert Harwood. GCAM will have Creath’s barvest and Misfits shirt with a Big Dog leather shirt (Creaths leather company) on display for the evening.


Voice (Penny Weaver) donated a half-page ad in the newspaper to promote the History event (value is $400)

November 11th 

 "GLBT History, Houston's First Decade: 1975-1985" a history program with presenters Ray Hill, Phyllis Randolph Frye and Aaron Coleman presented by SLAGH, HLGCC, & GCAM at Theatre Suburbia, at 7pm Benefit for GCAM and HLGCC. The program signed by Robert Helms. Chair of the State Bar of Texas section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Issues, John Nechman, SOGII to co-sponsor this event. Matt MacIntosh & PFLAG (Jim & Sue Null), the Voice (Penny Weaver), OutSmart Magazine (Tim Brookover) also co-sponsors.


Kellett Foundation Grant of $100 postage for receipt of complete set of Sojourner Newsletters from Sojourner Feminist Institute published monthly from Sept. 1975 through Sept. 2002

December. 1st 

803 Hawthorne Community Tree Lighting--Old Traditions making way for new ones--Come join us for chocolate, cookies, carols and Celebration!  Gulf Coast Archive and Museum in conjunction with the Houston Lesbian and Gay Community Center are currently working on a joint project for the 15th Annual World AIDS Day on December 1, 2002.  We will be lighting up the NAMES Project-Houston Christmas Tree of Remembrance.  We will be using many of the ornaments which have adorned the tree at it's lighting ceremonies in years past. [This ceremony is unique to Houston and was first introduced in 1989 by Larry Replogle and Pete Martinez. As of the year 2000, over 4,000 ornaments had been placed.] Everyone is invited to bring an ornament to add to the tree--personally made, an old sentimental favourite, or one you've purchased. Alec Soto from the NAMES Project-Houston will be our special guest for the lighting ceremony. Tim Brookover will of course be there and the two of them will mingle traditions as they light up Hawthorne St with our glorious tree....of Remembrance and Hope.


2003 (10)

January 16th

Theatre New West (Joe Watts)  performance of FRUIT COCKTAIL- a World Premiere Musical Revue for GCAM


exhibit Closing “ON STAGE – Past to Present” at the end of 2002, we immediately presented, “Art for Art’s Sake” which depicts the various forms art can take in our community, from canvas to decorated boots buttons to leather jackets, club logos to costumes. June We also participated in the Silver Anniversary Pride Celebration by holding an event at Theatre Suburbia, a play with a gay/military theme, which also included a small satellite exhibit in the theatre’s lobby for the full run of the play.

June 26th

Pride Event at Theatre Suburbia, "Could Angels Be Blessed"  including lobby exhibit for run of play


Our small all-volunteer group, which included 4 junior high and high school students, made a float and we participated in Pride Parade, winning the “SILVER CELEBRATION  – Best interpretation of theme” award.  

July 29th --

GCAM's  "A NIGHT WITH THE COMETS" GCAM, Houston Comets and Minnesota Lynx. A Reception for GCAM attendees followed by an exciting Basketball game and an announcement that we are all there, sitting in a block.

August 7th

Friends of the Quilt (Houston), Inc and Alec Soto, $1000 grant

August 7th

Jerel McNeil and Keith Vyveil from ICOH Space City Empire – Houston:Jerel presented a proposal from ICOH in which GCAM and ICOH would work together each year in seeking/ presenting a service award, called the GCAM/ICOH Hall of Fame Award, to a deserving individual at ICOH Enthronement Ball. In addition, we would also be provided with a plaque to display at GCAM, which would hold the names of each of the recipients.

September 10th 

 2 video arcade games donated to GCAM and placed for sale on ebay--Atari Gauntlet II Arcade Video Game  and Gottleib Spirit Pinball Machine—as a fundraising project

November 23rd 

GCAM presents first Tiara Award to Brandon Wolf


2004 (13)

January 25th

"Fourth Sunday History Series" guests Jim & Sue Null, Kathy & Don Sinclair, Irv & Jane Smith from P-FLAG

March 28th

GCAM and GLBT Community Center Fourth Sunday History Series with guest Don Gill

April 3rd 

 "An Evening in the 80's...the Power of Poppers Returns!"  Michael's Outpost Hosted by ICOH and Apollo Emperor I Sean Carter

April 17th

Fourth Sunday History Series (one time only for special circumstance) Mary's ... Naturally, guest of honor Brian Keever, historian for National Leather Association - Houston chapter,  on the history of NLA-H,  as part of their Spring Iniquity bar run. GCAM did a taped interview with Brian and others. Brian presented some personal items from his history with NLA-H to GCAM.

May 28th

Fourth Sunday History Series with guest Sara DePalma

June 8 and 9

Volunteers were gathered to unload and set up the entire traveling exhibit. GCAM is responsible for getting Houston on the agenda for the exhibit "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945," on display at the Holocaust Museum Houston June 11 -- September 19, 2004. It is organized & circulated by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. On June10th a private opening with guest speaker will be held at HMH.

June 13th

benefit performance at Theatre Suburbia of Cabin Fever.  June 18th  at the Axiom Theater. World premier of "Wendy Chicago-the documentary" a 20 minute film on the life of "our oldest living drag queen"  including a GCAM exhibit for the evening.

July 23rd 

GCAM pack and move approximately 2000 books from a personal library-- a very important collection of both older and

recent books--lesbian fiction, some pulp, some women's topics, some

general topics

July 25th

Fourth Sunday History Series with guest Nancy Ford

August 22nd 

 LIVE 2004 by Don Gill Productions. Montrose Clinic and GCAM as beneficiaries. This year's inductee into the GCAM -- The Krewe of Olympus Texas.

September 24th 

 ICOH - The Space City Empire and Apollo Emperor Keith Vyvial presents "History Repeating"  EJ's


5 year mark Despite the short time we have been in existence, we have mounted exhibits and invited the public in to view them.  We have participated in community activities to the best of our abilities—LUEY cocktail party every year, Pride Events every year, EMPOWER events 3 years, ERSICSS Coronations, Krewe of Olympus Ball call ups 5 years, ICOH New Year’s Eve Silent Auction, and many others when we were invited to participate.  We have had an ongoing satellite exhibit at the Houston Gay & Lesbian Community Center for 5 years (since 2002). We have a display case at Mary’s…Naturally.



March 19th 

 ICOH & the Debris Sisters present Attack of the Mary Kay Commandos at EJ’s with a real Mary Kay party beforehand

May --

GCAM MAKES HISTORIC MOVES  Five years after a group of future-minded activists established the Gulf Coast Archive & Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender History, the organization has decided to close its facility on West Main. But museum chairman Judy Reeves stressed that GCAM is not shutting down. Part of OutSmart Magazine story. 

May 15th

GCAM and GLBT Community Center present the Quarterly Sunday History Series with guest Mr. Jack Jackson

May-June The Summer Student Volunteer Work Program with the Preparatory School in Pasadena.

June 1st 

Chanel & Montana's JukeBox Show at Mary's

June 8th 

Chanel & Montana's JukeBox Show at Mary's "Wigged Out and Wired Wednesday Night Show".

June 10th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM.

June 15th

Chanel & Montana’s JukeBox Show at Mary’s "Jukebox Heros and Music Madness..."

June 17th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM.

June 21st

Chanel & Montana’s JukeBox Show at Mary’s "Jukebox Heros and Music Madness..." special guests will be Mr. Gay Pride Christopher Prado and Miss Gay Pride Shyanne as well as Crown Princess Royale Marcia Mink

June 22nd

Chanel & Montana’s JukeBox Show at Mary’s "Jukebox Heros and Music Madness..." (later start time due to conflict)

June 22nd  GCAM Pride Event Jade Esteban Estrada doing his one man show: ICONS: Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. I

June 24th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

June 26th

Hollyfield Foundation Special Purpose Grant $1700.00

June 29th

Chanel & Montana’s JukeBox Show at Mary’s "Jukebox Heros and Music Madness..." Special Guests will be... The First Family of Montrose: Boy of Montrose - Boy Robert Teachey, Mother of Montrose - DD Demarco, Daddy of Montrose - Shameless


loaner exhibit for Greg Davis’ PWA Holiday Charities fundraiser at Bricks II.

July 1st

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

July 8th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

July 15th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

August 5th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

August 19th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

August 21st

GCAM and GLBT Community Center present the Quarterly Sunday History Series with guest Mr. John Kellett

September 9th

Jackie Thorne, Empress 21 of ERSICSS,for a night of Black Jack,and fun. and all at “21 for Charity” at Keys West for GCAM

November 20th

GCAM and GLBT Community Center present the Quarterly Sunday History Series with guest Mr. Buddy Thompson

December 1st 

ICOH “An Evening of Remembrance” Readings and ornament hanging followed by “The Memory Show” at Ejs for GCAM

December 4th

"Maintaining the Magic" Keith Vyvial Apollo Emperor II & ICOH-Space City Empire benefiting GCAM.

December 31st

ICOH Rockin’ Red Ribbon New Year’s Eve Gala

Crowne Plaza Hotel Downtown Wine and Cheese Reception, Sit Down Dinner and 4-Hours Open Bar, Champagne Toast at Midnight

Tons of Entertainment:--Live Music by Liviya Compean--DJ Mike D--

Fabulous Female Impersonation --Cabaret Room with Marsha Carlton --Personal Psychic Predications for 2006 --

Silent Auction by GCAM  Benefiting GCAM [didn’t happen that way]--Party Benefiting  AIDS Foundation Houston, Bering Omega Community Services, Colt 45's, Gulf Coast Archives and Museum, Lazarus House (through ICOH Reign IV) and Montrose Clinic



February 17th

GCAM & GLBT Community Center Quarterly Sunday History Series with guest Vanessa Edwards-Foster

February 26th 

 EJ’s patio, Mardi Gras in Houston by Sara Sjolander & Judy Reeves (including small exhibit) raising money for our LUEY cocktail party. Tips from ICOH bartenders of the day Craig Farrell & Eric Perez were donated to the cause.

March 26th

An Afternoon of HISTORY! Wine and Cheese Reception including horn music by Houston Pride Band member Kayler & large exhibit for community to enjoy at 1415 Bar & Grill including a drag show, 

June 20-21

Pride Event Jade Esteban Estrada doing his one man shows: ICONS: Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. I & II a collaborative effort by GCAM and the Community Center.

July 2nd

Boobs Babes and Broads on Broadway presented by Sara (and the) Sjolander(s)-Ms Michael’s Outpost & Duchess of ICOH at Michael’s Outpost

October 3rd 

Gay History Month/Hispanic Heritage Month another collaborative effort by GCAM and GALLO present Jade Esteban Estrada in his one man show Tortilla Heaven! at 1415 Bar & Grill, complete with pre-show entertainment, dinner, and T-shirts available for autographs and sale.

November 3rd –4th 

provided exhibit of Lady Victoria Lust items to John Szewczyk for LVL PWA Holiday Charities 10th Anniversary & mark of 10 years since Marvin Davis’ death



February 10th

Krewe of Olympus-Texas Ball call ups

February 23rd

LUEY reception at Mary’s..Naturally 11pm

May 8th

Jade Esteban Estrada in conjunction with GALLO at Club 1415…impromptu street party in lieu of ICONS: 3

May 13th 

 featured guest at Community Center/Outsmart Magazine  monthly dinner

July 5th 

 Exhibit at [Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts] MECA 1900 Kane St. “When the Parade is Over” highlighting Pride, NAMES Project & other times.

July 31st

KPFT Queer Voices w/Dalton DeHart talking about his photographic history given to GCAM

August 2nd

reception at MECA, 7-9pm, for closing of exhibit

August 24th

It’s Another F^&king Drag Show” at Mary’s for GCAM by ICOH in fulfillment of Hall of Fame Award Proclamation

August 24th 

 KPFT After Hours ‘Quickie’ with Judy & Vanity


ICOH Hall of Fame annual fundraiser for GCAM

Sept 22nd-25th

sponsor QFEST movie week end

September 22nd 

 announcement/show at Mary’s..Naturally, introduction of the Eartha Quake-Tony Wadford-Queen Kong Perpetual Closet for Desperate Drag Queens Community Project w/costume exhibit and auction

September 22nd 

 KPFT After Hours ‘Quickie’ with Judy & Jimmy

September 29th

sponsor Houston Pride Band 30th anniversary concert at RMCC

October 2nd 

 featured guests for history film at Montrose Counseling Center, Judy & Jimmy

October 9th 

 featured guest, along with Larry Criscione of RMCC Botts Collection, at Community Center/Outsmart Magazine monthly dinner for Gay History Month


 joint fundraiser for ICOH Eartha Quake Silver Spoon/P-Flag HATCH Scholarship Fund at Mary’s…Naturally, featuring Tony’s life



February 12-14

LUEY 35 anniversary celebration research/photo exhibit

February 13

LUEY 35 Friday Cocktail Party on EJ’s patio

In May GCAM moved the display case from Mary's...Naturally to EJ's at the request of Mary's who needed the floor cleared for painting.

August 7 

LGBT @ Houston Public Library Series – featured exhibit by GCAM and RMCC Botts. Included Judy and Jim speaking about the museum/archive collection

August 13 

 V-C Tim Bratcher spoke to Houston Area Bears at their annual meeting for choosing their charity for the year.

August 18 

Received email from Meleah Jones asking if GCAM would considere moving into the 1st floor, of the Montrose Counseling Center building the newly renovated GLBT Cultural Center.

September 2 

GCAM/ICOH/Rainbow Pages Night with the Houston Comets vs New York Liberty

September 3 

 ICOH Annual Hall of Fame Fundraiser for GCAM, at  EJ's, 9:00

September 7 

 Misfits Ball, GCAM 25%/Lazarus House 75% split for recipients.  GCAM assisted throughout the evening by watching, then closing, the auction tables

September 21

Opening Eartha's Closet Show, EJ's Patio, 4:00pm .... postponed on Sept 16 due to Hurricane Ike hitting Houston Sept 12

October 1 

 Signed 2 year lease with Montrose Counseling Center to rent office #117 on the GLBT Cultural Center which occupies the  first floor of the building . GCAM will decorate the 4,000+ square feet of wall space in the hallways throughout the 1st floor. MCC would like to have this exhibit up by November 13th. the date of their annual fundraising dinner

October 6  

Annual GCAM meeting elected new Board Chair Craig Farrell and new Secretary Mark Baladez to join with sitting Vice-chair Tim Bratcher and Treasurer Jim Carper.

October 9  

Move from GLBT Community Center, now closed because of hurricane damage, to GLBT CC

October 13 

 Board of Governors meeting at GLBT Cultural Center to vote on their picks for new logo followed by Executive Board joining for meet and greet and tour of new facility. Executive Board met afterward to make final decision on new logo


volunteers helping nightly to set up exhibit in hallways

November 13

MCC Annual Fundraising Dinner and opening of GCAM Exhibit in GLBT Cultural Center       

November 16

Opening Eartha's Closet Show, EJ's Patio, 3:00pm, during the event GCAM's new Ambassador will be introduced and the new GCAM logo will be unveiled ....was postponed on Sept 16 due to Hurricane Ike hitting Houston



January 15

performance of Dryope & Iole at Theatre Suburbia for GCAM

January 24 

GCAM hosted a Theatre Suburbia cast party at GLBT Cultural Center as a thank you for the benefit performance

January 24  

GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment


GCAM nominated for organizational Grand Marshal for 2009 Pride Parade

February 7 

attended Krewe of Olympus-Texas Masque Ball and was included in Call Ups


GCAM providing photos for "Montrose Stories - The Transformation of a Neighborhood" by Sunset Productions set for March 25th debut

February 28

GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

March 16   

Craig Farrell, Jim Carper & Judy Reeves met with Brian Riedel [Rice University], Jo Collier [tg archive], Larry Criscione [RMCC Botts] to discuss a collaborative collection development program for the community collectors

March 20   

Orlin Cullever & Bill McCarthy through ICOH do benefit show for GCAM at Tony's Corner Pocket

March 25   

group meeting about proposed web archive for lgbtq communitites in Houston at MCC

March 28   

GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

April 18         

Disco Inferno” show at EJ's by Illumination's Project Committee to raise funds for Illumination's Project of which GCAM & Montrose Counseling Center are beneficiaries for 2009

April 19      "Bring Your Dreams ot a World of Fantasy" show on EJs patio

May 23         

GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

June 13         

Community Garage Sale participation

June 26         

promo show by Team for Illumination's Project

June 27         

GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment



Projected 2009


pending          Tent Revival

pending          Jade Esteban Estrada

pending          Miss Thang Pageant

July 25          GCAM KPFT's After Hours extended segment with Dr. Brian Riedel from Houston ARCH joining us

August 22          promo show by Team for Illumination's Project

August 22          GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

Sept 26          GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

Oct 5           GCAM Annual Meeting, elections of officers

Oct 17          promo show by Team for Illumination's Project

Oct 24          GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

Nov 11          “Illumination's Project” show at Zilka Hall benefiting GCAM & MCC

Nov 28          GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment

Dec 26          GCAM KPFT's After Hours segment




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